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My goal has always been to enable every player to maximize his or her potential while building all the right techniques and allowing the player to develop their own style. My goal is to provide our juniors with world-class coaching and training which will allow them to get the most out of their tennis. Become a city, provincial or national champion, get a tennis scholarship to the US and play with the best in the world.

Our Philosophy is to Respect ALL!! Fear None!!
Players respect our coaches; coaches respect our players.
Love tennis, be passionate.
Work as a team to establish goals, work hard, accomplish goals, all in a positive, nurturing environment.

Our vision is to build a true lifetime sport and education project for student-athletes. Our tennis-study program will enable our students to combine intensive training sessions and tournaments with an adapted school curriculum.

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National Tennis School


Intensive tennis training without compromising your education. Whether you dream of becoming a professional tennis player or whether you wish to reach your full potential in tennis and studies, we will equip you with all of the necessary skills.

Your success is our mission. There are no shortcuts to success; working hard in a consistent way pays off.

Determination, passion, integrity, perseverance, constantly seeking improvement, being daring and ambitious – these are our driving forces.

National Tennis Academy is much more than a simple school or a training facility.

The strength of character that our Student-athletes develop are skills which will prepare them for life.

Achieving results is our priority

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Join the Team!

Mandatory Selection Tryouts:

Being selected to join our Academy is dependent on a number of factors including, but not limited to, motivation, general attitude, tennis level.


We will consider the following in assessing your profile:

  • Tennis tests (technical, tactical and mental)
  • Fitness tests
  • Academic (finding out if eligible)
  • Interview with student + Meeting with parents


  • Students must maintain C+ average
  • Ability to withstand significant physical training
  • School & Sports level allowing the student to target entrance (grade 5+)
  • Personal motivation and dedication to the project

All applications must be received no later than September 1, 2019. The number of spots in the Academy is limited to 18

We also have options that will allow children to work with online school for High School Students and working with your existing school.

Only for those who are serious with their studies and can manage to travel and maintain their marks and the same time.

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And why you will succeed here:


Passionate and methodical coaches give players the ideal setting for a full training program. Students are supervised on caring staff.

The welfare of each and every student is our priority.

To excel in both academics and athletics we invest in quality time for the well-being of our students.


Customized training for each player. The Academy’s method focuses on reinforcing the individual’s strengths. Armed with self-confidence the player can work on improving the weak aspects of his/her game. Trust is a very important factor and we absolutely need to create and maintain a trusting environment between the coaches and players. Customized training is the only way one can progress. Coaches rely on their technical, tactical and mental skills to adapt to the player’s needs.


From injury prevention to focusing on specific physical attributes and exercises, we test and analyze the profile of each player to activate a working plan which answers the needs of each player. Our players are fortunate to benefit from our partnership with Arthur Cuenco of Pro Physio and Sport Medicine.


NTA will be working on a partnership with Daniel Nestor and Jesse Levine to bring world-class clinics to Ottawa which will not only help them gain much knowledge for the game, but give the kids a source of inspiration by being immersed in a unique world of high performance.


Supervision is provided to our student-athletes at tournaments throughout the season. Our coaches observe and encourage our players in every match, which enables a better understanding of the player and therefore a better follow-up of the goals set for the season. A precise debrief pre- and post-match is provided by the coach.

We will also travel as a team to many tournaments. We will also have fundraisers to reduce some of the costs that are associated with travelling out of town.


With NTA experience, we will help with US scholarship placement service. This is a successful pathway for our students who get to live and study for at least 4 years in the USA and play in a very high level championship (the NCAA, NAIA, junior college). Without a doubt, the scholarship USA program is the best way to pursue a high level sports project while benefiting from an intensive training structure and a top level education.



1.0 hours of Physical training per day
Physical tests 3 times per year
Yoga, swimming, stretching, strengthening
Individual preparation: proper warm up, cool down, stretching


Preparing for matches
Individualized Tournament planning and scheduling
Play 15 + tournaments per year
Online and/or onsite regular debriefing
Summer Tour: optional tournaments schedule


Individual “profiling” at the beginning of the year

TENNIS TRAINING & CONTENTS  2 hours of Tennis per day

Work on techniques and practice consistency with state-of-the-art Ball Machine
Master strategic tactics
Learn “Attitude & Mental strength”
Replay video screening and analysis + Individual training: optional

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Sport  and Study Training Year Plan in Phases


+ Work on the Basics

+ Work Technique Analysis

+ Mental “Profiling” Analysis

+ Biomechanics Analysis

+ Physical Test + Goals report & yearly training plan


+ Modify the techniques

+ Develop strengths

+ Mental Reinforcement

+ Customized Fitness Training + 1st Report


+ Work on strategy and tactics

+ Simulate match sequences

+  Approach competition on a mental level

+  Fitness training workout

+  Coaching in tournaments + 2nd & 3rd Report

Partnerships with Evert Academy, , Bruguera Academy

We will be travelling to Florida for UTR + Orange Bowl tournaments + ITF events.

We are also planning on European UTR Events.

Special outings… Socials + TEAM EVENTS

Our Team

Geoff Pearce, President

Geoff Pearce has been involved in the field of tennis in Canada, and US, for over 40 years. He began playing tennis when he was 10 years old, reaching the national level of competition at the tender age of 12, and becoming one of the top juniors in the country in both singles and doubles throughout his junior career. Coaching in Canada, the USA, Australia, and the Caribbean.

After receiving a tennis scholarship to the University of Akron, Ohio (NCAA Div. I), Geoff went onto become the Tennis Team Captain and also one of the top players in university history. Mr. Pearce was also a Dean’s List recipient. Not only Tennis Canada Pro level 1 & USPTA Pro 1 But  Geoff Trained by Evert Academy John Evert & by  bruguera tennis academy Spain.


Grant Gibson

Canada Club Pro 1 Coach. He has taught in the Ottawa area over the last 12 years at locations including Tennis Center Ottawa, Barrhaven Tennis Club, Amberwood Village Golf & Country Club and Carleton University.

Grant’s passion for tennis extends beyond just coaching as he actively competes in NCTA and OTA tournaments. He is the 2016 Phil Leblanc Memorial Champion, 2017 Elmdale Open Finalist, and 2016 Kanata Klassic and NCTA City Championship doubles finalist. Before becoming a coach at West Ottawa he was also the 2012 West Ottawa Club champion for both singles and doubles.


Jordan Sweeney

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CORE Program (September-June): Monday to Friday 3:30pm-6:30pm | Sept 16- December 20

  1. Program including group tennis & physical training, tournament follow-up 2 days per week $3999
  2. Program included Group tennis & physical training, tournament follow-up 3 Days a week $5599
  3. Program including group tennis & physical training, tournament follow-up 4 days per week $7199
  4. Program included Group tennis & physical training, tournament follow-up 5 Days a week $8199

Uniform: package $150
1-long sleeve Shirt

Winter break December 23- Jan 3
Program begins again Jan 6- March 13
March break March 16 – 20
Program starts again March 23- June 19

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