Cardio Tennis


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Cardio Tennis is a high-energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full-body, calorie-burning aerobic workout. It is a social and fun program for players of all abilities. Level: All levels are welcome. Capacity: Minimum 4, Maximum 8

Cardio Tennis Outline:

In Cardio Tennis, a Certified Tennis Professional will feed you balls based on your ability and fitness level. Cardio Tennis includes a warm-up, cardio workout, and cool down phases, resulting in “Heart Pumping Fitness”. Tired of those boring aerobic machines for your cardio, try Cardio Tennis. Cardio Tennis can be to tennis . . . what spinning is to riding a bike.  

Major Benefits of Cardio Tennis:

  • Participants consistently elevate their heart rates into their aerobic training zone.
  • You can burn more calories than singles or doubles tennis.
  • You get short cycles of high intensity workout and periods of rest, almost like interval training.
  • While you are playing tennis, the focus is primarily on getting a great workout.
  • You can improve your tennis skills.